Some experienced consumers prefer making homemade tea using their favorite kratom for euphoria and mixing it with mango juice. They claim it is more relaxing and energizing. Others prefer to mix it with fruit shakes. Those who like things organized consume Kratom in the form of capsules. Whichever way you take it, you will experience the same results. The difference only appears at the onset of action. Taking Kratom capsules delays its effects.

Euphoria is regarded as one of Kratom’s popular effects. You cannot experience euphoria with every strain of Kratom strains or dosages. The primary factors that will make you experience euphoria are:

  • The strain you take
  • Accuracy of effective dosage

Red Kratom strains are naturally more potent and they induce intense effects. This include sedation, pain relief and euphoria. You need to be sure which Kratom strain to use for the most effective results.

The following top rated Kratom for euphoria strains you can buy to achieve that happiness and joy you have been so desperately searched.

1) Red Vein Borneo

Red vein Borneo Kratom is grown and harvested in Borneo an island of Indonesia. It is so named since it has red veins on the leaves and is obtained from Borneo forest. Red vein Borneo Kratom has a high concentration of alkaloids. Thus, it elicits a pleasant euphoric feeling. The chemical alkaloids are thought to stimulate the release of dopamine, the hormone responsible for euphoria. It may alleviate Feelings of sadness, anger, and stress. Sadly, there are no medical prescriptions for inducing happiness. Most of the time and you are forced to give in to the stress. Fortunately, the natural products obtained from red vein Borneo Kratom are very effective in inducing euphoria. This Kratom strain has the highest concentration of alkaloids compared to other strains from the Borneo forest

2) White Malay

The white vein strains of Kratom are popularly known for the mild specific beneficial effects on the body. The popularity of this strain has increased considerably, owing to the euphoric sensation associated with it. Kratom strains from Malaysia are highly valued, but the white Malay Kratom is what Kratom is a favorite. As far as alkaloids are concerned, this strain has the most potent profile to produce euphoria, among white-veined Kratom. There are high quantities of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine accounting for the high potency of the strain. Furthermore, white Malay Kratom is highly regarded for stabilizing mood hence causing feelings of joy.

3) Red Thai

Another strain of euphoric red vein Kratom with a big following among Kratom enthusiasts is the red Thai powder. The strain originated from the jungles of Thailand, where it is found growing naturally. With a high concentration of alkaloids and other compounds, this popular strain is associated with several beneficial health effects. However, it is highly demanded for its euphoric effect. Alkaloids in this strain stimulate the production of large quantities of dopamine and serotonin hormones into the bloodstream. These hormones trigger sensations of joy, making you feel happier. Kratom enthusiasts love this euphoric Kratom since the effect lasts longer compared to other strains. Red Thai Kratom capsules are the best Kratom for mental alertness hence inducing euphoria while stabilizing your mind. The acidic soils and climate conditions of the jungles of Thailand are reported by the native farmers to be responsible for the special way this strain manifests in the body.

4) Green Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da is another euphoric Kratom from Thailand. This strain was genetically modified in the laboratory to be a more potent strain with many benefits, euphoric being one of them. The critical action responsible for euphoria is like other strains though the effect is more pronounced and lasts longer than different strains. One notable thing about this strain is that it takes a bit longer to kick in. But once the effect is on; it gives you an incredible feeling without exaggeration. Green Maeng Da powder stimulates the relaxation of body muscles. This can make you both happy and energetic.

5) Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Yellow Vietnam Kratom has recently become popular in the Kratom world. It is grown and harvested in the jungles of Vietnam on the banks of the Mekong River and up the highest mountains. This strain has been found to contain specific levels of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine responsible for stimulation of euphoria.

If you have never come across this yellow kratom strain, the leaves has a yellow hue that differentiates it from others. Based on reviews from thousands of Kratom enthusiasts, this Kratom ranked among the best Kratom strains for euphoria. Ever since the introduction into the US, the demand for this strain has risen steadily.